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Jermaine Wright's story, a former athlete and diagnosed in 2003, about volunteering

UTU_Jermaine WrightJermaine Wright is a former athlete who didn’t know how he would be able to contribute to the community after being diagnosed with MS in 2003. Among his symptoms, the 38-year-old suffers from extreme fatigue, stiffness, and vertigo.

Jermaine volunteers at the MS office in Salt Lake City preparing event packets, doing data entry, making phone calls and many other tasks. Volunteering plays an important role in his treatment. “Volunteering proved to me that I can still contribute. It keeps me moving and keeps my mind engaged. My symptoms are more manageable when I am in the office volunteering. I love it and miss it on the days that I don’t volunteer,” said Jermaine.

He participated in the Salt Lake City Walk MS event this year and said that hearing his name shouted out as encouragement when he came to the finish line reminded him of his years playing high school basketball. Jermaine said that was like “a high school flashback moment and made me feel great joy.”

Through the MS Society, he obtained a cooling vest that improves his daily functioning and cools down his hot flashes so that he can be more active. “The office staff and other volunteers thank me, but it is I who should thank them. Volunteering has made all the difference for me.” While volunteering provides him with an outlet to express his gratitude, it’s the staff who are filled with appreciation for him and his enduring spirit.


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