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Michelle Jacobi and How She's Fighting MS

In addition to spending time with three wonderful boys and her husband, Michelle Jacobi raises both awareness and proceeds for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Michelle's awareness and fundraising efforts have earned her multiple awards, including Top Fundraising Team, Top Individual Fundraising, and also KTVB's Seven's Hero Award.

Nineteen years ago, she experienced her first real symptoms of multiple sclerosis but didn’t receive a diagnosis until much later.

When I finally got my diagnosis eleven years ago, it became apparent that I needed to do something to prevent this path from happening to others. I wanted to create more awareness to get a faster diagnosis for not only myself, but also for everyone affected by MS. Most of all, I wanted to find a cure. Even though you’ve been given a diagnosis of MS or other obstacles, it’s your opportunity to not listen to what people say you should do. (Michelle Jacobi)

Having MS hasn’t slowed her down. She has been the team captain for Southern Idaho’s Walk MS sponsor, CBH Homes, for 11 years. She can also be seen sporting an orange cruiser at Bike MS in Logan, enjoying her new found passion for running with the MS Rockstars, and participating in the MS Run the US cross country relay.

In the middle of a race, Michelle’s health was compromised to the point that she was unable to finish her relay segment. “I learned that I couldn’t run the next day, and my husband stepped up and supported me when I needed it most. The finish line is a symbol that anyone can do anything that you set your mind to,” said Michelle. 

Michelle will be the keynote speaker at Women on the Move event on February 28thin Salt Lake City, UT, and you can hear her full story and why she says, "MS and I have words. I'm pretty confident that I'll have the final say."

Having MS only fuels her passion for running for all those who can’t and more importantly…, to find a cure! Learn more about the Women on the Move event here.

About MS Run the US:

MS Run the US, Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to raising disease awareness and funds to further research in the fight to end MS. This unique event connects distance runners in a segmented relay run across America that covers over 3,000 miles of roads stretching from Los Angeles, CA to New York, NY.


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